Argentina, Part II

Our adventure continues, as our three heroes brave Argentine difficulties.  After Christmas, they headed for Pinamar, where anyone who is anyone goes for a beach vacation.  Fortunately, Kuna had taught the gringos Truco, so they were able communicate through the national card game.  For those who don’t know it, Truco consists of lying, bragging, and general smack talking in between playing a fairly simple, if non intuitive game.  Corey and Michael were outmatched at first, but soon showed that they can play cards with the best of them.  “Falta envido, truco, chiste nacional” – Divididos
They went to what is for sure the shittiest casino in the world.   Picture a broken red and green neon sign spelling out the words casino over the entryway, leading to a fountain half the size of the fountain in front of Bynum, with a little dribble of water barely running out of it.  Needless to say, the Bellagio it was not. Colo (Kuna’s friend from way back) won money for the first time since anyone can remember. Jorge played slots like a girl.  Finally, they saw the Departed in Spanish, which included an intermission in the middle.  Who knew that the slang for vagina translated to “idiotas”?
In addition, they hit up the coolest Go-Kart track ever in Mar del Plata (a perfect juxtaposition to the casino).  It included: racing suits, helmets, time trial laps, and an actual race with timing chips.  Michael and Corey showed that the US still kicks ass when it comes to cars by finishing 2nd and 4th respectively.  However, there is a new international champion, and his name is Quino.  His killer instints dusted the international field of 20.  Jorge took pictures of the event.
On a last minute whim, the three heroes headed back to BA for New Years Eve.  Arriving after an exhausting 5 hours in the car, the Kunik’s were throwing a party for 39 people.  The fearless men faced the mountain of food and ate until all were satisfied.  They then had an authentic Argentine experience of driving around aimlessly while looking for something to do.  Fireworks abound.
Following up on a surprise email in Patagonia, the group met up with Ester and Fernando Schwartz who had flown in from Santiago on a whim.  Fernando was loving the city, and his free Freddo ice cream.  Ester was enjoying her new shoes.  Fun was had by all.
Next, Michael and Corey are about to embark on a 15 hour bus ride to the spectacular water falls at Iguazu.  How will they do it?  The seat recline into beds for the overnight ride, there is food served during all meals, and there are movies/music like on an airplane.  Bring it on.  Martin is staying home to play with “Manuela”, his new best friend…
Feel free to check out the next set of photos entitled Beaches and Ice.  They include some previously unseen shots of Patagonia as well as everything described above.
Hope everyone is having a good 2007 thus far.  It feels like it is going to be “una masa”.
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