Argentina, Part I

There once were three men from Chapel Hill, and all they wanted to do was Make it Happen.  Try, try as they did, they simply couldn’t do it.  So, they decided to go on a long journey to the land of meat, hot (and egotistical) people, beautiful landscapes, and meat.  They arrived in Buenos Aires, saw some sites, ate some meat, watched some tango, had their bag stolen, and ate some meat.  Most importantly, they were making it happen, in spite of the Bolivian mafia.
Some things Michael and Corey learned… Martin’s nickname is Kuna, watchout for Pumas in Patagonia, don’t go to Lavalle Street at night (especially if you have a backpack with you), and “you can sleep when your dead.”
They then set off for Patagonia, where Making it Happen is a way of life.  They stayed at an awesome hostel, full of Israelis.  Martin tried to get into a fight, but they wouldn’t bite on his belligerent afronts.  Then, they saw Perito Moreno, went to El Chalten, did some awesome trekking (including ice climbing on the moving Cerro Torre Glacier), and lived like fat, rich (VIP) people while taking in the Upsala.  They also ate a lot of meat, including Patagonian lamb.
Reluctantly, they returned to Buenos Aires on Chirstmas Eve, but alas, the city was still making it happen.  There were fireworks all night on the holy Christian Holiday, and they ate meat.  Lots of meat.  On Christmas Day, they ate pizza and cheeseburgers, a first for the stupid Americans.  They also uploaded a lot of photos.
On top of making it happen, they were fronting in the camera, man… We can have some…fun (see Dire Straights circa 1985).  Corey’s uploading device got stolen with his backpack, so there are still more pics to come.  There are a lot of the glaciers, but they were just so damned beautiful.
The three men from Chapel Hill continue on their journey.  Next stop is the beaches of Pinamar, Mar de Plata, and Carilo.  Yes, all this is in the same country.  They wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and to all a Make it Happen Night.


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